Q: How long does it take ? How much will it Cost?

Since 2004 our performance is outstanding with 100% on-time delivery. If we cannot meet your timing and schedule, we will not accept the assignment.

We base our fees on the time involved and complexity required.

We know every job, like every company, is unique and for this reason, we strongly urge you to call us and  to talk about your appraisal project. That's why we offer a free, no-obligation fee proposal. When we talk you will get to know us and we'll make recommendations to cost effectively deliver the appraisal report that best suits your needs. Often times we can limit the scope of the project and save you money.

If a Business Valuation is required and we perform the machinery and equipment appraisal at the same time, you will save money because our cost is less and we pass along the savings to you. What's better yet, you will have a single contact for the entire business valuation project.

Before we start any engagement we confirm, in writing our full understanding of the assignment, your scheduling requirements and our fees. All of our engagements are fixed fee which means we won't nickel and dime you with extra miscellaneous charges and there will be no surprises.

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From Concept to Closing

National Equipment Appraisal and JMR Capital's combined talents can handle the entire business or asset sale from concept to closing. We are one of only a few companies that are certified in all three disciplines - machinery and equipment appraisal, business valuation and merger and acquisition services. 

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