National Equipment Appraisal and JMR Capital, Inc. provide business valuation services for business owners, banks, CPAs, attorneys and the courts.

Our typical client is a business owner who is thinking about buying or selling a company. 


The Difference

JMR Capital, Inc. has specialized local transaction experience in Southern California. The company is a mergers and acquisition firm specializing in advisory and brokerage services for privately owned businesses. Mark Richardson, the company's founder and chief valuator has been helping business owners buy and sell companies for more than 30 years. He has an extensive following of companies, high wealth individuals and private equity firms looking to acquire businesses with sales from $500,000 to $100 million. An intimate knowledge of which companies have sold, what buyers are willing to pay, which industries are in favor and which are not means JMR Capital and National Equipment Appraisal do not have to rely on hypothetical values derived from complicated financial models. That's why their recommendations are highly accurate and business owners can rely on their opinion to reflect a company's true market value under current market conditions.

The Bottom Line: You want results based on experience. Would you rely on the advice of someone who is not in the business of buying and selling companies every day? 


  • Appraisal techniques used to appraise a business for the purpose of a sale or merger can substantially differ from methods used to appraise a business for income, estate and gift taxes. Non-Tax Valuations typically deal with factors of interest to the buyer, seller and other interested parties and the appraiser has wide discretion in valuation methodology.

    If the business appraisal will be used by the IRS for any purposes, including gift and estate taxes, ESOPs, calculation of built in gain for S-Corporations, charitable contributions or allocations of purchase price, or by the courts, IRS acceptable guidelines must be considered. This typically requires a higher level of review and due diligence. That's why it's important to take the time to explain to us the exact purpose and intended use of the business appraisal.

    Before we start any engagement we confirm, in writing our full understanding of the assignment, your scheduling requirements and our fees. Next we arrange a site visit / management interview because it is our experience — as well as buyers, lenders, sellers, IRS agents and the courts -- the site visit not only helps the analyst get a better perspective, it makes a difference in the credibility of the conclusions. Most valuators cut corners and dismiss the importance of a site visit; we don't because our clients expect it.

    If a large portion of the company's value is in its fixed assets, we will arrange a certified machinery and equipment appraisal by our affiliate, National Equipment Appraisal. You won't waste time coordinating appraisers and it makes sense to have a single contact to complete the business valuation and equipment appraisal because it saves time, money and improves accuracy.

    When the business valuation report and certified machinery and equipment appraisal is complete, we deliver it in person to provide our insight. Lastly, we keep you informed during the entire business appraisal engagement.

    What do our customers say?

  • "We chose Mark's company because we thought they could provide a higher level of service than the large and impersonal investment banks. We were right and are very happy with the results they achieved for us.".

From an Independent Customer Satisfaction Survey conducted by 3I


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JMR Capital, Inc. and National Equipment Appraisal are affiliated companies and you won't waste time coordinating appraisers. It makes sense to have a single contact to complete the business valuation and equipment appraisal because it saves time, money and improves accuracy. Call our office today to arrange a free initial consultation.

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From Concept to Closing

National Equipment Appraisal and JMR Capital's combined talents can handle the entire business or asset sale from concept to closing. We are one of only a few companies that are certified in all three disciplines - machinery and equipment appraisal, business valuation and merger and acquisition services. 

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